Avenida de Moscu, s/n. – C.C. Aquamall, local 11A.

 38679 Costa Adeje (S.C. de Tenerife)

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IDS DR. DAVIDE CARTA is a premier dental clinic with a patient-centred approach that allows for meeting patients’ needs.

Once you sit in a dental chair at our facility, you’ll be able to leave all your worries behind while watching a film or enjoying some music.

‘Time went by in the blink of an eye’: that’s what our patients most often say after dental treatments.

If you wish to see your dental problems more closely, our doctor will be happy to show you a larger image on a TV screen. Moreover, you can consult him about the options available. We like to make sure you fully understand your problems, even if they are invisible to the naked eye.

We want you to feel completely at ease when visiting our clinic, and enjoy yourself while you are with us. That is why we have incorporated one of the latest technologies, providing our clinic with many amenities, and using one of the most advanced techniques.

Environmental sanitation systems

Our clinic has an environmental sanitation system that enables the elimination of odours, the reduction of viruses and bacteria, the elimination of particulates, and the reduction of volatile compounds and allergic reactions, thus increasing hygiene and air quality.

This modern and technological system, called ‘Oxigenia’, not only helps to improve hygiene in our clinic, but also to take care of the environment as it is an environmentally friendly technology.


Dr. Davide Carta

Avenida de Moscu, s/n

C.C. Aquamall, local 11ª

38679 Costa Adeje

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

T (+34) 922 272 826

M (+34)650 402 817

+34 650 402 817



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