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Implants are biocompatible artificial titanium roots that are inserted into the bone through a surgical procedure and that create a solid and long-lasting base on which to insert a new tooth.

Dental implants are one of the best solutions that exist nowadays, both on an aesthetic and functional level, to replace the loss of teeth.

There are several cases that can be solved with implantology, such as: single teeth (without altering adjacent natural teeth), small bridges (eliminating the need for a partial mobile prosthesis), and the restoration of a completely toothless arch (restoring lost teeth and making them look natural). In the latter case, when possible, nowadays we try to use immediate load implantology to make it possible for the patient to leave, after a single session, with their teeth screwed to their newly inserted implants.

These implants are made of titanium: a metal widely used in surgery due to its biological neutrality that ensures the body will not reject it. Its surface is treated in such a way that it increases the possibility of osseointegration (integration into the bone).

Teeth loss can have side effects such as difficulty chewing or problems in adjacent teeth that may generate a chain reaction, affecting other teeth.

Types of implants.

Single tooth dental implant

The single tooth dental implant is the best alternative to solve the loss or extraction of a dental piece.

In this case, a biocompatible titanium screw is inserted into the bone to replace the missing tooth without affecting neighbouring teeth.

It is a simple and painless process that allows for the recovery of the functionality of all the teeth, gaining functionality, aesthetics and confidence.


Bridge on implant

In the case of losing two or more teeth, it is possible to replace them with a bridge supported by two or more dental implants.

If, for example, three teeth need to be replaced, two biocompatible titanium dental implants that will act as roots are inserted, safely supporting the force of mastication. The three teeth, which are made of zirconium in our clinic, are fixed to these structures to provide full functionality and a natural and healthy appearance to the teeth.

Implant-supported hybrid prosthesis

Implant-supported hybrid prostheses replace all the teeth in one or both arches.

When all the teeth are missing, this is a totally customised option for each patient that enables them to obtain great results and to improve their dental aesthetics.

In this case, six biocompatible titanium implants are implanted in the bone, which will act as a fixed base for the prosthesis, holding it and adequately distributing the force of mastication. A metal-based prosthesis with a resin structure, including all teeth, is then attached to the implants.

This is an aesthetic solution, which makes it possible to recover the expressiveness and functionality of the mouth quickly.

The result is the closest to enjoying having your own teeth again: getting a completely natural appearance, with greater strength and durability.


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